Item # DELSD362015, Large Single Door Enclosures


Dudlik Large Single Door enclosures give easy access for installation and maintenance of a wide variety of electronic and electrical equipment. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these enclosures provide protection from the elements and vandalism. Standard configurations are available for NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X style applications.

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Traffic ID 3B
Cabinet Height (A) 36.00 in
Cabinet Width (B) 20.00 in
Cabinet Depth (C) 15.00 in
Opening Height (D) 25.00 in
Opening Width (E) 17.50 in
Available Space Depth (F) 11.31 in
Available Space Height (G) 25.00 in
Door Height (H) 27.25 in
Pad Mounting Pattern Depth (J) 12.50 in
Panel Size Height (K) 29.25 in
Panel Size Width (L) 17.00 in


  • Air conditioners
  • Fan kit
  • Front door switch compartment
  • Heaters
  • Insulation
  • Locks and keying other than standard
  • Painted finishes
  • Panels
  • Rack frame assembly
  • Shelves
  • Sun shields


To ensure a strong and rigid construction, these enclosures are manufactured from 0.125" 5052-H32 marine-grade aluminum. They are also available in 14-gauge (0.075") type 304 stainless steel. All external hardware is stainless steel, and all internal hardware is stainless steel or zinc plated, meeting Fed. Spec. QQ-Z-235C Type 1.

Smooth and free of blow holes, flaws or imperfections, all seams are continuously welded (GTAW) or sealed with G.E. Silicone Sealant (or equivalent) in the interior or on the exterior.


The enclosure has a sloped top to prevent water accumulation.

For NEMA 3R applications, the door has a louvered vent with retainer for a removable filter. Disposable paper filters are provided. Provision is made for a forced air ventilation system, vented through the roof overhang. A thermostatically controlled forced air ventilation system is available as an option; call for Fan Kit pricing.

The enclosure is equipped with two "C" mounting channels on both side walls and on the rear wall for mounting shelves or panels. Channels are adjustable and can be placed in any position front to back or along the rear wall. Optionally, the channels can be welded in place.

There is a provision for mounting a switch for a light or interlock that would be activated by opening the door.

The enclosure door opening is double flanged on all four sides. This feature not only provides additional strength, but prevents dirt and liquids from dropping into the enclosure when the door is opened.

All surfaces, edges and openings are smooth and burr-free for worker safety and equipment protection.


The cabinet is designed so that the leaves of the hinges are not exposed, making the hinges tamper-proof and presenting a neat and clean appearance. The cabinet door is attached to the body of the enclosure by means of a continuous 0.075" stainless steel, piano-type hinge on the right side. It is bolted to the door and to the cabinet with 1/4-20 stainless steel carriage bolts and Nylock nuts. Further, the 0.25" stainless steel hinge pin is welded on the top to prevent tampering.

The door is sealed with a closed cell neoprene gasket bonded to the inside of the door with an oil-resistant adhesive.

The three-point latching mechanism on the door is designed with a heavy-duty 3/4" stainless steel handle. This handle operates the 3/16" thick cam and two push rods made from 1/4" x 3/4" aluminum bar. The push rods are twisted outward and have two 7/8" nylon rollers on the end of each rod to provide a smooth operation and secure seal to the enclosure.

Provision is made for padlocking the handle. On NEMA 3R style enclosures, a deadbolt-type Corbin 1548-1 or equivalent lock with two keys is standard.

The enclosure has a 0.250" stainless steel interior door restraint that prevents the door from moving in windy conditions. The restraints hold the doors in three positions: 95º, 120º, and 180º.


Painted finishes are available. Supply a sample of paint color (chip) or a paint number in compliance with MIL standard 595.

Powder coat finishes are also available.

Standard enclosures are provided with a smooth and uniform, natural aluminum finish (Mill finish to Fed. Spec. QQA-250/8).


The enclosure is designed as a pad mounting unit, as shown in the supplied diagram, but can be pole or wall mounted as well. Pole or wall-mounted enclosures have stiffener plates welded to the top and bottom of the rear wall and are supplied with a welded bottom plate.

Alternate Specifications:

For NEMA 4 and 4X style applications, there are no vents or locks on the main door. All through holes are sealed. Provision is made for padlocking the door handle.


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