Small Single 4 and 4x Door Enclosures

Single 4 and 4x Door Enclosure

These compact Small Single Door enclosures provide convenient housing and protection of a wide variety of electronic controls, and electrical equipment. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they provide protection from the elements and vandalism.

See the table below for various size options.

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Item #

Cabinet Height (A)

Cabinet Width (B)

Cabinet Depth (C)

Opening Height (D)

DESSD4X161206 16.00 in 12.00 in 6.00 in 14.25 in
DESSD4X161208 16.00 in 12.00 in 8.00 in 14.25 in
DESSD4X161606 16.00 in 16.00 in 6.00 in 14.25 in
DESSD4X161608 16.00 in 16.00 in 8.00 in 14.25 in
DESSD4X201606 20.00 in 16.00 in 6.00 in 18.25 in
DESSD4X201610 20.00 in 16.00 in 10.00 in 18.25 in
DESSD4X202006 20.00 in 20.00 in 6.00 in 18.25 in



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