Precision CNC Laser Cutting

CNC-Laser-Cutting-Precision-Sheet-MetalDudlik Industries offers precision CNC laser cutting services to our clients.  Laser cutting is a great alternative to utilizing a CNC punch press to create exotic shapes under CNC control.  Laser cutting is also an effective approach when working with materials too heavy or hard for a CNC punch press.

We employ a Mitsubishi 2512LXP laser cutting system with a 3020D 3000-watt resonator with an auto focus head unit for quicker setup and less downtime.  This system is equipped with two 48" x 96" auto rotating tables to enable the operator to be loading and unloading material or parts from the machine while the machine is still in operation.

CNC laser cutting also allows for cost-effective prototyping with no tooling costs.  All aspects of the cutting operation are simply under program control.

Basic Capacities on Metal Materials:

  • Aluminum Up To and Including 3/16" (.187)
  • Mild Steel Up To and Including 1/2" (.500)
  • Stainless Steel Up To and Including 1/4" (.250)



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