Paint & Powder Coating

precision-sheet-metal-painting-powder-coatingFor many years, Dudlik Industries has been known as the expert in finishing precision sheet metal.  We have the experience and technology to apply many diverse coatings to your parts — from smooth powder to wrinkle polyurethane.

  • Two-Part Epoxy Wet Paint
  • Polyurethane Wet Paint
  • Military Spec Lacquer Paint
  • Textured
  • Wrinkle
  • Powder Coating
  • Cold Trap Vapor Degreasing



  • (3) Binks Batch Spray Booths 10’ x 8’ Working Area
  • (2) JBI Batch Powder Booths (1) 8’ x 10’ x 9’ and (1) 5’ x 5’ x 9’
  • (1) Bake Oven That Can Accommodate Parts Up to 12’ in Length
  • (1) Autosonic Cold Trap Vapor Degreaser



Proven Experience Makes All the Difference!

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